know a little about AmoB

AMoB, Moebius Association of Brazil is an entity which supports children having moebius syndrome or complications related to Moebius and other deficiencies. This association consists of parents of these children, as well as, specialists directly or indirectly involved with these issues, relatives, friends and people willing to help.

It consists of a nonprofit civil association conducted through social statute.

The basic and essential objectives of AMoB are:

  • To constitute and keep data bases for registration of cases for children having moebius syndrome in Brazil, as well as, registration of hospitals, clinics, and specialists who already are involved or can become involved with specific treatments related to Moebius, not only in Brazil, but also abroad;
  • To orient, give directions and follow children, parents or people responsible for these children, aiming at making these children stimulated and rehabilitated adequately to the life of an ordinary child;
  • To search for financial support and constitute an economic fund to support expenses with treatments and everything necessarily related to them as to help those who are devoid of any resources;
  • To constitute, directly or by means of agreements, supporting groups to the basic rehabilitation assistance, labor rehabilitation, speech therapy, psychology and other specialities, to treat these children;
  • To create and update an Informative Bulletin for members and also interested people in order to report cases and progress related to the treatment of Moebius as well as spread out all internal issues of AmoB;